A fireworks show was held along the Taedong River in celebration of the 61st anniversary of Victory Day, better known around the world as Armistice Day. 

Taen Heavy Machine Complex is pushing forward with the production of turbines, strators, and other equipment necessary for the completion of the project to build ten power stations along the Chongchon River. 

Rainy season in Pyongyang.

M-1991 MLRS participating in firing drills near the DMZ. This weapon platform has 22 launching tubes which fire 240mm rockets at a maximum range of 60 km.  

Prices Stay Stable as Summer Heats Up

Market prices in North Korea’s main cities remain stable despite negative conditions as the summer months gather heat. According to inside sources, rice is trading lower than in mid June in Pyongyang, Sinuiju and Hyesan, hitting lows of 4,250 KPW (50 KPW↓), 4380KPW (120KPW↓), and 4800KPW (250KPW↓) respectively.

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Control room of the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm. The computer system oversees various production lines which produce fruit juices, processed fruit, perfumes, and shampoos.

Mangyongdae Fun Fair on the outskirts of Pyongyang.

Automated production line for fine aluminum wire rods at Pyongyang Electric Cable Factory 326. The process is designed to use scrap metal collected from factories throughout North Korea, keeping production costs low while at the same time being environmentally friendly. 

A fungi production process at the Hyesan Mushroom Factory. Mushroom farms and production plants have been built in every province throughout North Korea, with all levels of the cultivation process closely watched in cooperation with the Central Mushroom Research Institute.

Pyongyang by night in the summer of 2014.