Hwang Pyong-so, North Korea’s de facto number two, entering South Korea flanked by two members of the Supreme Guard Command. Elite bodyguards, they regularly undergo 25-km marches in full combat gear, and must be able to hit a moving target 250m away after sprinting in a chemical weapons suit and mask. 

Newly built apartments for educators of Kim Chaek University of Technology. The twin 46-story buildings are covered with heat ray reflection glass, and equipped with geothermal heating and cooling systems. The buildings are the first of the planned Mirae Scientists’ Street.

Newly built Wisong Scientist’s Street. The residential district consists of 24 apartment blocks, schools, a hospital, nursery, parks and other welfare service facilities. It was built to house many of the scientists who have worked on North Korea’s fledgling space program.

Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the newly built Wisong Scientists Residential District. Making his first public appearance in over four weeks, he appeared in state media with a cane. 

Changjon Street, Pyongyang

Newly built Turf Institute in Haeju. The laboratory will produce strains of plants and grasses that are suitable to the local climate.

Rice harvesting has begun at cooperative farms throughout North Korea. The UN released a report that the overall agricultural output in the nation is expected to rise to 6 million tons, with food self-sufficiency expected in 3-4 years. 

The North Korean women’s football team won the gold medal at the Asian Games. They beat the current world champion Japan 3-1 in the finals. 

Kim Ji Song placed first in the individual 10m mixed running target in the Asian Games. He also helped North Korea place second in the team event on the same day.

The wool production line of the Sinuiju Textile Mill. Updated in 2010, its completion has helped to boost the supply of raw materials to factories on the west coast.