The finals of the Torch Cup were held in front of a capacity crowd at the Yanggakdo Football Stadium. April 25 defeated Hwaebul 1:0. 

Korean People’s Army paratroopers conducting a striking drill against mock targets. The drill coincides with the beginning of joint ROK-US military drills which simulate a mock attack from the North.

A river crossing competition was held along the Taedong River. Over 1,100 boys and girls from various schools across Pyongyang participated in the contest, with Pyongyang University of Printing placing first.

Off duty police officers and their wives outside the Pyongyang Dolphinarium.

The Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace is undergoing a complete renovation. Established in 1989, the facility has over 120 different rooms devoted to various extracurricular activities. It is the largest of the palaces dedicated to children’s after-school activities. 

The reconstruction of the Central Zoo is at the final stage. The project, the renovation or construction of over 50 buildings, is 80% complete and expected to wrap up in the coming months. 

Hamhung-style cold noodles.

The newly built computer control room of the Mangyongdae Chicken Farm, the largest egg-producing farm in North Korea. Builders recently renovated the entire farm, with scores of production facilities updated.

The automated production line of the Tanchon Magnesia Factory. Magnesium oxide is mainly used to manufacture goods with refractory characteristics. This respective factory produces packing materials. 

The combined control room of Chonji Lubricant Factory. The plant recently underwent a complete renovation and all processes of the factory are now unmanned and fully automated.