The IAAF 27th Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon in Pyongyang. Local runners Pak Chol and Kim Hye Gyong took the honors in the men’s and women’s race in 2:12:26 and 2:27:05 respectively.

Newly built candy drop line at Foodstuff Factory #354 run by the Korean People’s Army.

Kim Jong Un was re-elected as the First Chairman of the National Defense Commission at the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly.

The construction of satellite scientist’s street in Pyongyang is being earnestly carried out. It is scheduled to be completed in time for the the Workers’ Party anniversary in October, and will be made up of residential and research zones.

The National Circus of Pyongyang won the Golden Elephant prize at the 3rd Festival Internacional del Circ in Figueres, Spain. The young acrobats broke the established rules and added extra difficulty moves such as a quintuple somersault, helping them win the Public Award as well.

Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification. Erected in 2001 to commemorate reunification proposals put forth by Kim Il Sung, the monument watches over the Pyongyang-Kaesong highway. 

North Korea to Utilize Science and Technology to Overcome Its Energy Crisis

In order to solve the nation’s chronic energy shortage, North Korea has been focusing on the development and utilization of science and technology as much as possible. Recent technological advancements are being reported one after another, and further development of alternative energy sources has resulted in technology that will reduce the nation’s oil and fossil fuel consumption.

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Newly built sushi bar at Haemaeji Sunrise Restaurant in Pyongyang.

The newly built automated knitting yarn process at the Hamhung Woolen Textile Mill. The line, which is partially powered by geothermal technology, has allowed nearby textile factories to run at full capacity, greatly increasing the amount of clothes available for the people and export.

Huichon dams being constructed in tiers on the Chongchon River have been making steady progress. Fishways have been constructed in order to allow natural seasonal migrations, while over 110,000 cubic meters of earth have been excavated and filled at various power stations along the river.